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David Troncoso Art

David Troncoso (b.1986) is a painter, draftsman, and woodworker from Long Island, NY, whose work is inspired by Renaissance and Medieval paintings, illustrations and frames. Troncoso first studied scientific illustration and music engineering at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago but soon left to study in NYC at the Grand Central Atelier. There he spent 4 years studying classical drawing, painting and sculpture in the GCA’s core program. Troncoso continued his training as a copyist at the MET completing numerous life size replicas in oil. Troncoso, just recently finished a year long residency in Orient, NY at the William Steeple Davis Studio where he honed his craft in woodworking and painting. David is currently combining all of his skills to build a large renaissance inspired altarpiece.


Troncoso's recent work has allowed him to bridge the gaps between his interests in painting, architecture, design and woodworking. As a student of Italian Renaissance thought, he believes the artist should not be confined to just one medium but should be able to use the versatility of many disciplines to create artworks that emanate delicacy and beauty. The frameworks that he incorporates into his paintings are heavily influenced by Classical and Medieval architecture and design. The frames act as a gateway between present and past and allow the viewer to appreciate history while considering the present. David's craft begins with all aspects of woodworking to create substrates and surrounds to paint upon and within. Using long established painting techniques and symbolism, he composes tranquil and poetic images that mirror the history of art while subtly alluding to the ethereal and supernal.



2020- Era Contemporary, Philadelphia, Pa The New Pre-Raphaelites   

2019 - Eleventh Street Arts, Long Island City, NYC Escape: Celebrating The Great Outdoors,

2019 - Eleventh Street Arts, Long Island City, NYC Florilegium

2018- George F. Baker House, NYC, ICAA & CAHPT 2018 Young Practitioners Exhibition

2018 - Paul Calendrillo Gallery, Chelsea, NYC You Muse You Lose

2016 - Silks building, Long Island City, NYC Love Among the Ruines

2016 - Silks Building, Long Island City, NYC Tulis & Troncoso




Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

Various continuing education courses in classical design, theory & history 

2008 - 2012

The Grand Central Academy of Art

Oil Painting, Drawing and Sculpture

4 Year Water Street Atelier Certificate

Studied under Jacob Collins, Tony Curanaj, Camie Davis, Joshua LaRock, Scott Waddell

2007 – 2008

The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago

Painting, Natural History Illustration, Art History, Music

2004 - 2007

Suffolk County Community College

Associate of Arts




William Steeple Davis Artist-In-Residence

Awarded a year long residency in the historic William Steeple Davis home in Orient, NY where I

worked on numerous paintings, drawings, landscapes and most notably a 10ft tall handcrafted

altarpiece painting/frame.



The Teaching Studios of Art


2014 - Present

Private Drawing /Painting Instruction

Conducting private instruction for both adolescent and adult students, providing guidance in

classical drawing, oil painting and plein air painting. I assist students who wish to learn to use

different mediums and various techniques, while providing them with the classical foundation that

is required to make realistic, proportionate work.


2012 - Present

MET Old Master Copyist

I have been enrolled in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Copyist Program since 2012. I have

completed two full size replicas in oil and hundreds of finished drawings, studies and sketches that

encompass a large spectrum of items from the museums collections.


2014 - Present

Traditional Woodworking & Joinery

I’ve spent the last five years studying traditional woodworking and joinery techniques to perfect

my skills in elaborate frame building. Through the study of extant 15th C. frames, online galleries,

books and video aids I have developed the skills necessary to create archival & structural

surrounds to encompass my paintings. 


2010 - Present

Leonard Porter Studio

Studio Assistant



Sacred Art Prize/Catholic Art Institute

2nd Place


Grand Central Academy Full Year Scholarship Prize

Best Cast Drawing


School of the Arts Institute of Chicago Tuition Prize

Film & Publications


2021 October


Season 2 episode 7

Watch Here!

2019 April

Fine Arts Connoisseur

In New York City, A Gathering Of Flowers

2019 June

Fine Arts Connoisseur

Escape: Celebrating The Great Outdoors

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